After extensive research into the legality of and prayer and contemplation in God’s Word seeking wisdom and direction, the decision was made to continue on the path we are currently on of no in-person services as directed by those appointed above us until May 15th. It is always our hope to bring glory to our Heavenly Father in all that we do and don’t do, and our continued prayer is that His will, not ours may be done! Let us pray without ceasing for those who are tasked with guiding our community, state and country through this difficult time.


  1. I do agree with this decision. As things open up we should be safe by the 17th, God willing. We truly enjoy your messages and are so grateful for them so a couple more will be welcomed. Kathy T.

  2. If you can open on May 17 that would be the best birthday present I miss my church family.

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