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The Same yesterday, today and tomorrow

Our church sanctuary shows the deep roots of traditional religion. Our history can be traced back to the late 1800’s in the Presbyterian Church. At one time our church housed three denominations, all at one time, Presbyterian USA, United Methodist, and American Baptist. As of today our church is no longer associated with any national denomination. We see ourselves as an independent church led by Christ Jesus. Our break from organized denominations was made in order that we as a group of believers could follow after the teachings of the Bible in their original form without any hindrance from the adherence to denominational tradition or the dictation of personal doctrine from outside organizations. We recognize that God holds His church accountable for it’s works and teachings (Rev 2 & 3) and therefore we stand firm in the belief that each church should be an autonomous group of believers led by and accountable to God for their response to His revealed truth found in the Bible.