Once again this week our normal church services are canceled due to the social distancing policies. The Wednesday food pantry will be open from 9am-12pm, and Wednesday Bible Study will be online through the Online Meeting Place. If you wish to attend and are not a member please email office@lpcweb.org.Continue Reading

Sorry I forgot to update you. The council decided to cancel services for this week. They will be making this decision on a week by week basis so check back on Friday evening for updates. God Bless.Continue Reading

Our online meeting place is now live. you should have gotten an invite if I have your email address. If you did not get an invite and would like to join please email office@lpcweb.org. There is a section for prayer requests, an ongoing daily Bible Study, and I am planningContinue Reading

Sermons page is almost done and I am still working on the Bible Study. I am having problems with the web hosting account by I think I have most of that worked out. Keep safe! PJContinue Reading

Here a few links that will help you keep up with what is going on localy. Steuben County: Covid Map DOH Facebook Livingston County: Covid Map DOH Website Allegany County: DOH WebsiteContinue Reading

As our community is trying to contribute to the “Slow the Spread” campaign, all our activities are canceled until Sunday April 5. The church is open daily for private prayer and Pastor Jess is available for prayer or to just talk.Continue Reading